Welcome to Nowadays For You, the source for essential things!

By essential things we mean products that add to, enhance or impact your daily life in a positive way. Our core values includes encouraging others on their journey to being their best selves!  We source and select items that are high in quality or are enhanced by our own designs and are offering them to you our valued clients at competitive prices.

Our brand connects to natural, ecofriendly, environmentally friendly products  and  health and beauty enhancing items as well as shirts that uplifts with inspirational expressions!

We at NOWADAYS FOR YOU, believe strongly in giving back and with that in mind, we support various causes. Protecting the planet for future generations is critical, so we have made it possible for our clients to make a donation (here on our website) to planting trees, if they desire to do so.

Also the quest to end hunger and food insecurities is a cause that is extremely dear to the values of this brand. We are committed to making a monthly monetary donation from our sales to NOKIDHUNGRY.ORG  a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding children and ending hunger. Kids are the future and helping them eat nourishing foods bode well for their learning capabilities and so much more, now, and in years to come.

We will never forget! Stay safe everyone! Smile big - you've earn the right!