Thank you for for visiting NOWADAYS FOR YOU - the source for essential things. We empathize with everyone who we know is trying really hard to cope in these trying times.

NOWADAYS FOR YOU - "Essential Things" was conceptualized and birthed amid the real, surreal and challenging circumstances we, world over have been confronted with.

Constant hand cleansing, mask wearing and being physically distanced from our loved ones have become the somber mosaic we are all painting.
We also applaud the resilience and grace, so many of us continue to display as we go about daily lives and, have embarked on the quest to regain some semblance of normalcy! Many already have or are about to transition back into work life, the offices, classrooms and college dorms. 

As we try to keep safe, we also are becoming more creative with different ideas to nourish our bodies and build a strong immune system and also adding some feel good practices to relieve stress!

With this in mind we at NOWADAYS FOR YOU have sourced and selected some affordably priced essentials, that will aid us as we adjust to life in this new normal. 
We offer face masks, thermometers, hand sanitizer dispensers, fruit and vegetable slicers, personal smoothie makers, hot/cold thermos, face care masks, and different types of massagers.

We at NOWADAYS FOR YOU, believe strongly in giving back and with that in mind, we support various causes. Protecting the planet for future generations is critical, so we have made it possible for our clients to make a donation (here on our website) to planting trees, if they desire to do so.

Also the quest to end hunger and food insecurities is a cause that is extremely dear to the values of this brand. We are committed to making a monthly monetary donation from our sales to NOKIDHUNGRY.ORG  a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding children and ending hunger. Kids are the future and helping them eat nourishing foods bode well for their learning capabilities and so much more, now, and in years to come.

Again thanks for stopping by and everyone please continue to be cheerfully safe!!


We are thrilled to see the light at he end of the Pandemic tunnel. Life has begun the journey back to a normal! Kids have returned to school, restaurants and movie theaters are open and the greatest of all we can now see friends and family!!

At Nowadays For You, our products will reflect the change in the times. We will move away from the safety and protection and the entertaining collections! We will instead focus on providing trending products that enhance the quality of life!

We will never forget! Stay safe everyone! Smile big - you've earn the right!