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The fact that you are here shows that you are interested in the values of NOWADAYS FOR YOU and you are  willing to become our ambassador. What this means is that you are agreeing to promote this business to others in your social circle, in exchange for discounts and/ commission.

NOWADAYS FOR YOU is an emerging lifestyle brand. It was conceptualized and birthed during the pandemic. World over we have all had to implement changes in our lives, some drastic, others not, all however,  geared to keep us safe and  physically and emotionally healthy. We are all striving to create and maintain some semblance of normalcy.

NOWADAYS FOR YOU has sourced  and selected some of what we consider  essential coping items and are offering them to our clients at affordable prices. We endeavor to be transparent, consistent, fair and to uphold the utmost integrity when dealing with our clients.

We at NOWADAYS FOR YOU strongly believe in giving back and with that in mind we support various causes.                                                                            Protecting the planet for future generations is critical. With that in mind we have made it possible for our clients to make a donation (on our website)to planting trees, only if they so desire.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Also the quest to end hunger and food insecurities especially for children, is a cause that is extremely dear to the values of this brand.                                    We are committed to making a monetary donation from our sales to  NOKIDHUNGRY.ORG a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding children and ending hunger. Kids are the future and, helping them eat nourishing foods, bode well for their learning capabilities and so much more, now and in years to come.

It is our desire to have a mutually beneficial partnership with you our "Nowadays Angels". Help us grow, we give you perks in gratitude!                  Let's do this!

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